Standing Tall DayCare Center​


Classrooms are organized around the Mission of Standing Tall: Provide high quality child care for the children of working families.

Classrooms include:

The Infant Room is for children through 18 months, where the emphasis is on close supervision, and meeting basic needs. 

The Toddler Room is for ages 18 months through two years. Where children begin the process of self-reliance. For example, self-feeding skills

The Two-year old room is for ages two to three where the focus is on an introduction to necessary social and academic skills.

The Pre-School room for ages three to four is intended to further develop social skills. With a more deliberate focus on essential pre-school skills, such as name recognition.

The Pre-Kindergarten room for ages four to five is fully focused on greater independence, learning and understanding on the alphabet and numbers as well as fine motor skills.